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Posted May 15, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

I'm involved in a friendly Olympic competition starting in June. Each person involved needs to create a flag for his 'country'. The need for a flag allowed me to steal the logo from the Lazy Bear T-Shirt Company. I was happy to finally use Evan's fine work.

The Lazy Bear T-Shirt Company was OrangeCoat's first attempt at a side venture. It never really got off the ground and that's too bad. Similar companies (Busted Tees, Defunker, etc) are making money hand over fist. (We wanted to start this way back in '04 before everyone with a CafePress store had a t-shirt company.)

The moral of the story, don't let good ideas die so easily and never throw away a good logo.


PS: The image is an image of my flag and not of Evan's logo. The logo is just the bear face.


Bobby ~ May 17, 2006

What is sad is that I've bought shirts that we had ideas for years ago. And what is really sad is that when I wear them, people always seem to comment on them and ask me where I got them. I wish I could have the response, "From my website...check them out."

Evan Tishuk ~ May 17, 2006

Proving that you should listen to us more.

nobrainer ~ May 17, 2006

If the balance of yellow to black shifted every so slightly in yellow's favor, then I would hate that flag as much as I hate Sprint. And I hate Sprint like someone who hates Sprint a whole lot.

Adam Gautsch ~ May 17, 2006

Luckily my keen design eye created a perfect yellow black balance.

Not to worry though, I will not be winning many events in this here Olympics and hence that flag will not be flying too often.

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