What If on the Cover of Greenville Business Magazine

Posted April 01, 2013 by Adam Gautsch

Cover of Greenville Business Magazine

We're working hard to spread the word of What If. We believe there is real value in an easy system for collecting ideas and connecting people with similar ideas. A big goal for 2013 is to get more cities, organizations and companies using an improved What If system. Anyone who could see the value in something like this, let's talk. Anyone who uses the term, "ideas are cheap" as a pejorative then we should talk too. I've got a theory on that line of thinking.

Now, I'm off track. Back to the cover at hand. It was a very nice surprise to see this morning. Thanks to Lori Coon and everyone over at GBM for the support.

A preview of What if Greenville

Infographics for WIG

Some previews from our Dribbble account for the What If Greenville Quarterly Report

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