When robots Facebook

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The BBC headline reads, "Robots to get their own internet"

Some people are concerned about this news. @abowman5000 is one of those people. I don't blame these people for being afraid. Who wants the robots to have the internet as well. It seems terrible. But on the bright side, we get these robots on the Facebook, being spammed invites to events they can't possibly attend and the playing field gets somewhat leveled between us and the robots. It's hard to fight the robots when we humans are busy retweeting Drunk Hulk and reading about the complete history of the late '80's and early 90's hit TV show Just the Ten of Us on Wikipedia. However, if robots are on the internet too, complaining about the lame last episode of Fringe or researching which Droid Tablet it's going to buy we might stand a chance. The internet might be the thing that saves us from the robots.

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