When will they stop changing the science of my youth?

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

First they take away Pluto now they are taking away the brontosaurus. Will it ever end?


Please watch this comedy interlude about dinosaurs including the brontosaurs conspiracy. It is NSFW due to language and extreme dinosaur dorkatude.


Lord ~ 7 years ago

Yeah jeez . . . I mean a few years back you could still get away calling prehistoric critters like dimetrodon and gorgonops, mammal-like reptiles, but now your supposed to be all proper-supposedlike and call them synapsids. and birds are in the whole maniraptora clade with dinos like velociraptor.

Damn you science for changing up terminology on us layfolk!

(btw, this comment brought to you by 26 years of pure and proud paleontological nerdery)

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