Why do people like Starbucks?

Posted 15 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Yeah, it's rather unremarkable. Starbucks is everywhere. What is remarkable is how damn successful they are. They use sub-par coffee beans and price it as if they were brewing the good stuff. Instead of saying "we use cheap burnt South American robusta coffee beans" they say, "we use a wonderful, straightforward blend of Latin American coffees." What's a "straightforward blend" anyway?

If you are a coffee drinker/addict, a person of taste, and a frequenter of Starbucks, I want to know why. Is it because they are conveniently located or is it for the fact that a cup of Starbucks has replaced quality taste with up to 300% more caffeine?


SEZER OZGENC (Chemist) ~ 14 years ago

because of white chocolate mocho ;)

Visitor ~ 13 years ago

I had one of the White Chocolate Mocha's & it tasted like Raunchy Instant coffee same
Frackin after taste with what I imagine it was burnt milk taste, i hope. Anyway Get a Double Chocolate Mocha from Dutch Bro's you won't be sorry, As I was with that pathetic toxic waste they call coffee over there at "Starbucks" , Frackin Disgrace to coffee. If you think different about them its your opinion you have your right to differ, Im just not paying for instant coffee. you can waste your money the way you see fit.

Billy ~ 12 years ago

I HATE Starbucks Coffee. It taste like over burnt crap! I worked for a coffee company and let me tell you that the darker you roast coffee beans the less caffeine the coffee will have! The amount of caffeine doesn't even differ by much so all GOOD coffee has roughly the same amount of caffeine the only difference is that Starbucks Coffee taste like the bark of a tree. I dont know why on earth people say that Starbucks has good coffee. To me they are all posers. There are so many other great mom and pop shops and chains I would rather go to. Starbucks people: get a life.

Visitor ~ 11 years ago

This isn't a hate site. People with nothing better to do but complain, grab on to a life and never let go. I go to starbucks not just as a coffee drinker, but as someone who was pleased with both the service, and quality of my request. The number of choices one has almost makes it impossible to be dissatisfied with whatever you get, and get this; you can have them make it over or how you want it specifically if you are dissatisfied. Starbucks has taken the opportunity that other small business haven't yet. This is why so many people drink it. It's everywhere, convenient, and practical as a beverage seller. Their marketing strategy, like most places, makes people WANT to be a part of the community. If you personally don't like the coffee, they have entire menu with things that are NOT coffee. No negative things need to be said just because you don't like it.

Visitor ~ 10 years ago

Starbucks = Rubbish
Starbucks is good for cheap, low level people.

Visitor ~ 10 years ago


Visitor ~ 10 years ago

I love starbucks, anyone who says different can suck a fat one.

khodam ~ 10 years ago

Starbucks is only good for the zombies & the loosers

Visitor ~ 9 years ago


Visitor ~ 9 years ago

I'm not English, thank you for correcting, you are very nice.

Scooter ~ 9 years ago

I as a member of the non living class resent being called a Zombie. The proper term is living impaired. I just would like living to know that even living impaired persons have standards. Starbuck's in no way meets my standards. Chemical waste would probably taste better.

Visitor ~ 9 years ago

"The number of choices one has almost makes it impossible to be dissatisfied with whatever you get" this is far from true. The number of liqueur's that starbucks offers are slim along with the basic chocolate and carmel syrups. Starbucks as a whole is a billion dollar company that has locations not even 3 blocks apart in citys in some locations. Wouldent you want to support a local coffee shop, where the money goes back into the community? rather than to billionaire CEO's pockets for selling what seems like burnt coffee for on average 4 to 5 U.S. dollars..

Azrael ~ 9 years ago

Yeeeaaaaah. They' also drained the Uk's economy of millions of pounds via tax avoidance. The only thing they put back is the products they sell themselves and the low-wage jobs they provide.

Visitor ~ 9 years ago

Starbucks had paid no corporation, or income, tax in the UK in the past three years,
Starbucks deficient, loll!!

what a comedy!! rubbish Starbucks on every corner of UK town, just want to strangle the small family business with the help of politicians.

Starbucks is a huge slave factory.

Anne ~ 10 years ago

You know why some people drink Starbucks coffee, because they have no brain & have no personality, these kind of rubbish people want to be somebody like the rubbish & inculte celebrities.

Oscar ~ 9 years ago

The reason why people buy Starbucks is for the same reason that people buy Macs, they seem very chic and stylish yet aren't giving you a whole let when it comes to the bang and the buck. People think they look like a person of status when they hold the cup with the instantly recognizable logo on the front. I live in SoHo, and the Starbucks around the corner is packed with hipster wannabes that have nothing better to do than type away on their iPads whilst drinking a ten dollar cup of coffee...to put this in simplest terms, watch this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJRXYIM0Iqo

Anne ~ 10 years ago

You know why some people drink Starbucks coffee, because they have no brain & have no personality, these kind of rubbish people want to be somebody like the rubbish & inculte celebrities.

Sharon Smith ~ 9 years ago

I totally agree. The best coffee I've ever had was in Paris, France in a cafe during a long weekend vacation. I wanted to bring it back home with me. It was so good. If you have an opportunity to go to France, you'll find the best coffee in the world. Starbucks burns the coffee and it's simply awful!

Seth ~ 11 years ago

Nice comments visitor, and Billy.

The problem I have with Starbucks is that it is so darn expensive for coffee no better than anywhere else. I find it funny that people complain and whine at paying $3.00 for gas at the pump, yet the same people end up paying $40.00 - $50.00 per gallon of coffee at Starbucks. It absolutely baffles me and irritates me to no end.

I feel like people who buy Starbucks coffee are nothing more than gullible zombies. Just because they can, they do.

Here is an option for the same quality coffee, for a heck of a lot cheaper. Take a coffee mug, I prefer at least a 40oz mug, and take it to Diamond Shamrock. You can fill that cup with several different types of coffee and/or cappuccino for only $.96. A 40oz+ refill for less than one dollar. A lot cheaper, same product, and if you aren't a big coffee drinker, you will have extra for to tomorrow.

Visitor ~ 10 years ago

screw u! starbucks is amazing. Starbucks is more expensive than cheap ass coffee, but thats because it is really god. Did u know that starbucks spent millions and millions of dollars to put million dollar coffee machines in their store? Stop being a wuss about the coffee, because it is incredible. Stop complaining and being an ass, and get a life.

Alex ~ 10 years ago

If you think Starbucks coffee is good, you are honestly an idiot. The quality of coffee depends on the quality of beans, not machines. I would start explaining why, but your chicken brain would not comprehend it...

Anne ~ 10 years ago

You are right, Starbucks coffee is CRAP.

Daria ~ 15 years ago

Guys, and what is the most interesting, I'm making a project about this stuff, but I like niether coffee nor I've been to Sturbucks. Don't you now think that they are incredible?

Brian ~ 14 years ago

Hmmm... so I too am doing a project. However, its leans toward the bias of how Starbucks mistreats the people from where they get their coffee beans from. I've heard plenty of propaganda like: "oh well they do this and that for so and so" and "they help the communities for the farmers and blah blah blah" but have you heard there are some coffees that are approximately 6 dollars a cup and farmers in countries such as Ethiopia get about 6 cents per cup. I'd have to say that consumers are blissfully ignorant to the truth of Starbucks, which is why they continue to swarm in like cattle. I guess it would be proper to include that I happen to work for Starbucks, and they have put me through a full day of propaganda/brianwashing course about the perks of Starbucks (pun intended). To conclude this rather long spew I'd have to say people go to Starbucks for the social environment and/or the "300% more caffine"; except maybe for the obese demographic who come solely for their extra extra whipped cream Venti-make this right or I'll slit your fucking throat-frap [just kidding]

-Embarrassed to work at Starbucks Barista

PS I don't like Starbucks-- at the same time I acknowledge they do make an effort to help benefit the society they are ruining. [I mean helping HAHA.....]

Amnon ~ 14 years ago

A few of the Starbucks coffees are not so bad but the problem is that they often sit for a very long time before being served. Usually, the better coffees are not available brewed.

My biggest personal gripe with Starbucks is that they replaced all of the espresso machines with automatic versions over the past few years. The quality and strength of the espresso has gone down substantially and the price is no longer even partly justified since it no longer takes time, effort, or skill to make espresso beverages.

I still occasionally buy Starbucks coffee since it is convenient but I prefer coffee from 7-11 or smaller coffee houses.

Fox ~ 14 years ago

We all have our opinions. We all have different things about ourselves that makes us the people we are. Whether it is be the clothes we wear, our form of transportation, our favorite foods we eat; everyone is different. I find it somewhat silly how the people posting in some way say how they dislike starbucks. That is all good,please keep in mind I believe this is all "good"- I am not saying "oh you must love coffee- hell no- hey we all aren't vegetarians- so people aren't all going to be coffee lovers now are they.
I find that because it is the fourth -most effective brand in the world, behind Apple, Google, and Ikea; it gives people the right to hate it. Coffee, it has a taste like all things we eat. If you don't like it, fine. Is it necessary to put this company down verbally. Oh, wow its a big company, get scared now, heaven forbid they come out with a drink that you may just like and then Oh my you'd have to say you like it. Coffee is coffee, it may be burnt to some of you and others dirt, but guess what its gonna be coffee how ever you look at it. So maybe you should all use your energy and do something productive instead of bitching and crying like a bunch of immature punks.
It is possible that the other coffee shops add junk to their coffee and take away the "burnt flavor you all hate" or it could be possible you are not coffee people to start with and your taste buds aren't able to handle the real taste of what coffee actually tastes like, the raw, no sugar added, organic coffee.
come on people coffee isn't candy didn't your moma's ever tell you that. Do you know what coffee really tastes like or is your imaginations toying with you. Do you want the coffee? maybe you can't handle the coffee!
"Hey carrots are so gross they are orange and come from the ground, i mean they are going to take over and some places I heard don't call them carrots but orange sticks."- Just a blunt example of the magnitude of ridiculousness you people are putting out there on this page.
Please voice your opinion though its is so entertaining.

Visitor ~ 12 years ago

maybe you should just relax and quit wasting YOUR time complaining about other people wasting THEIR time, mind your own business. Coffee is NOT just coffee, there are different ways you roast them, different types of roasters...if you use a shitty roaster, you will have burnt tasting coffee. EW EW EW !!! COME TO TAFFY'S IN EATON, OHIO!!! We have the best coffee around, best music venue around. We have artists play here like John Hammond, Johnny A, Adrian Legg, Michael Kelsey, open mic nights every Saturday night at 8, in the month of April, we will be having jam time on Saturdays from around 4 then open mic at 8 :) :) Hours of operation...Monday-Thursday, 7 am-6 pm. Friday- 7 am- 11pm. Saturday-8 am-11 pm. Sunday closed!!! Stop in if your ever this way :)

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

@Fox: I don't think anyone is affraid of the Starbucks coffee or brand. Granted, they are multiplying at an alarming rate and forcing other (possibly better) coffee companies out of business.

My biggest problem with your comment is that, coffee isn't just coffee. There are different levels of quality, price, and flavor options. Fact of the matter is that Starbucks uses cheap low-grade coffee beans. Just like Burger King uses cheap low-grade beef (you know, like snouts and entrails). The difference is that Burger King doesn't try to price their beef like filet mignon.

Do you enjoy eating low-grade beef more than a filet? Do you think it's silly to try and differentiate the two? I don't. If you personally prefer Burger King over a fresh NY Strip from your local butcher, you're certainly entitled to that opinion, but don't try and tell me they're the same thing.

Fox ~ 14 years ago

Do you know enough about starbucks to be talking about it. I could have made that post longer. I could go on and on but I had to draw the line somewhere.
You are right coffee isn't coffee, what I was saying by that I meant that coffee is distinctly coffee it has a taste. There is a wide variety of coffee tastes varying with the bean itself and where it is grown. You may not like one type of coffee that starbucks brews.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

I don't know how many more ways I can restate myself. But how about this... To keep costs down, Starbucks blends "single source" Arabica beans with some conglomeration of Robusta beans. Let's be generous and say a 1 to 9 ratio (though they don't always tell you the exact blend ratios). Robusta beans generally have a harsher taste and about 3 times the amount of caffeine.

I personally don't like harsh hyper-caffinated coffee--regardless of the frilly language used to describe it. For instance:

A Warm Aloha in Every Sip -- Perhaps it's the rich volcanic soil, or the gentle afternoon showers that fall, like clockwork, over the Hawaiian mountains. Maybe it's the nurturing spirit that the Big Island's legendary coffee growers invest in the care and farming of this rare, highly prized bean. Perhaps it's the bright, balanced Latin American coffees we add to perfectly complement the distinctive Kona taste.

I'm sure Starbucks has blends of coffee that taste fantastic--though I haven't had one. You, Fox, may even love all their various brews. What gets me is that they are pricing cheap blends and as if they were exotic beans harvested by monks from enchanted mountain forests. Doesn't that annoy you a little?

KM ~ 14 years ago

I have to agree with the makers of this website because yesterday I had some Starbucks coffe and I still feel sick. I swear that coffe is liquid pesticides. I had them put some stupid holiday raunchy peppermint flavoring in it and I haven't felt so great since 4 yesterday afternoon. I've been bouncing off the walls too, what do they do, put 10 times the normal level of caffeine in this crap? To top all off too that cup of shit cost 2.05! What a racket, what a rip-off! I am so sick of crappy companies self promotion bs lies they spew just to be rich when they don't deserve to make a dime. I am never buying their shitty coffe again and I am writing them a letter to complain too. Screw Starbucks, THEY SUCK, next time I am going to go to McDonalds and get Newman's Own coffe-that coffe is incredible. I hope Starbucks goes out of buisness, because they don't deserve to be in buisness.

Laaaaaacie ~ 15 years ago

Honestly, I think that the majority of people go to Starbucks because it makes them feel "trendy," and they like that. I actually feel kind of dorky going into one sometimes because I feel like people think I'm trying to be trendy, too. I just want coffee. And if I buy coffee before I go somewhere, I usually try to drink it before I go in. I also think that a lot of people that go there regularly really have no idea what "good" coffee tastes like, so they have no argument. Whatevah, whatevah.

katerina Gonzalez ~ 14 years ago

I love it because it's warm, doesn't taste too much like coffee, and is way more delicious than a cold MONSTER. Yuck! I hate coffee! But this--Mm its almost hot chocolate-like. Most of the other places that try to be starbucks like end up making things too COFFEE LIKE--and who wants that anyway? It's not THAT expensive [3.00 for a soy mocha with whipped cream] some people who want to go overboard on calories and additives can spend a bit more. Banana Frappacinos are delicious also, NO COFFEE! WOW. Ok anyway--my point is they're delicious and have a wide variety of options. When you go to Mc Donald's your options are regular coffee and iced coffee [i tried it--its disgusting even for my coffee loving mother] In my opinion Starbucks is still number one. I don't go there everyday --they're more of a dessert type thing I do on occasion. But it IS something I crave. Delicious caffeine!!

Visitor ~ 10 years ago

Starbucks = Rubbish
Indeed, Starbucks is good for cheap, low level people.

Gabriela ~ 14 years ago

I do agree with you, Starbucks coffee taste bitter and has an after burnt taste!!!, most of their drinks have soooo much sugar and calories, and they have this fancy complicated lingo to place a coffee order....that should be so simple! I believe most people like
Starbucks is because is in style! even though they don't really know what they are drinking.
if you want to try good south american coffee
go to wholefoods and get organic peruvian sumatra coffee....very good and affordable!
whatever makes them happy!
I'm italian and I enjoy a cup of old fashion Illy Cafe.

Keith ~ 15 years ago

Starbucks isn't trying to rip everyone off... At least for the coffee. The beans used may not be premium quality but starbucks actually cares about the developing countries that farm the beans and pays PREMIUM price to the farmers. That's why they need to charge a little more than the other coffee shops. The frapps and crap is a clear example of ripping customers off. But hey, thats how business works, high gain for little pain. If you're going to rat on Starbucks, make sure you do it to every other fast-food/coffee vendor.

kristi ~ 14 years ago

i can understand why people do not like starbucks. they're everywhere, yes.. expensive, and probably over-hyped, the 'hater' is just not educated about Starbucks, or maybe they just had a bad experience or many bad experiences. You may think this comment is biased because i work at a Starbucks, however i'm not too thick headed to see 2 points of view.

For me, i think that Starbucks is a good company because despite what former employees or other people may say, Starbucks does hook up their employees. 30% discounts, full benefits for part time employees, and almost always a flexible schedule and supportive staff.

Like i said i can see two points of view. not everyone is the same, therefore not everyone will have the same feelings that i do. I love working in a very people oriented environment, therefore i enjoy my job a lot and always see the positive side of it.

The coffee may be bitter to people who are not used to drinking bold coffee but in the 5 hour training session we are sent to, it tells why our coffee beans are roasted longer and why they have a stronger taste. As far as calories and fat go... everybody makes their own decisions about what they choose to or do not choose to drink. It's silly to be mad at Starbucks for being fattening. The amount of calories in a frappuccino is no secret, Starbucks has pamphlets showing how much fat is present in each drink. Also, people find it easier to point out the negatives of Starbucks rather than search for good. Yes, Starbucks is more expensive than probably any other coffee you will buy. However, Starbucks also pays the coffee growers more money for all types of coffee, not just 'fair trade' coffee. And when i say it pays the growers more, by no means am i saying that Starbucks pays foreign growers as much as they would pay growers in a region like hawaii where the wage standards are much different than they are in a country like africa. What i'm saying is Starbucks pays farmers very well for the area that they live in. So while it may still sound like peanuts to us, it's making a big difference to the farmers in the growing regions. Also, the reason that the price of Starbucks has risen is not because it's a greedy company, it's because it continues to make sure that Starbucks employees keep their benefits, regardless of customer dismay. If customers are that angry with Starbucks prices they will go elsewhere, but most Starbucks customers are loyal and willing to pay. Starbucks also donates significant amounts of money to other countries and causes and it's not just what they tell us, employees in different stores are witness to the money and coffee that Starbucks donates.

My intention is not to defend Starbucks just
because i work for them. I just thought i'd give my opinion because i know how the company works and i know that people will always hate corporations for their own reasons.

For anybody that hates Starbucks, that's alright don't be so angry about it. Starbucks is definitely not the only company that serves good coffee! It's just what some people are used to. Heck i think circle k coffee is almost as delicious as Starbucks.

To touch on the "trendy" aspect...
Starbucks may be a trend to the younger crowd, but any adult who is willing to pay a higher price for Starbucks coffee is paying because they like Starbucks.


one more teeny comment. No type of coffee that Starbucks sells is made from Robusta beans. If a coffee says "blend" it just means that the beans in the coffee come from different regions. For example a Latin American blend would be different beans from different regions of Latin America. All Starbucks coffees are made from Arabica beans. Just thought I'd say that because i've tasted coffee made with Robusta beans and it's not too tasty lol..

Tracy ~ 15 years ago

I am doing a project about Starbucks so I entered this blog accidentally. Personally in terms of business aspect, I admire what Howard Schultz has done, he changed the coffee shop history, I am addict to drinks with expresso base coz I think it's healthier than coffee. Apparently Starbucks is the one offering it best. Besides I also enjoy the music, the relaxing, non-smoking environment in Starbucks. Look how nice the cups are in senses of presentation and packaging, how much effort they've given to create the best experience for the clients, the interior design, the comfortable seats, the well-designed packaging, the product performance, the generous condiments station...Hence apart from the various expresso-based drinks Starbucks offers. I agree it's expensive, but why do you think they get people to pay $5 for a coffee? I think it's not just the trendy feeling which makes people come to Starbucks but also the experience from this elegant atmosphere, receiving emotional and esthetic satisfaction.

inna ~ 14 years ago

well i definitely love starbucks. It is a cool place to relax and hangout. I don't only order coffee there anyways. I love their pastries and frapuccino. I love how they give a calming aura. It gets my stress off. And really coffee is delicious depends on the taste buds of the person.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

@Kristi: Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I understand and appreciate that Starbucks provides a "people oriented environment," and that's something that no coffee bean can reproduce. Subjective tastes, omnipresences and caffeine addictions aside, that might be the best answer yet to why it's so popular.

At the time of this original post in July of 2006, I was unaware that the coffee market was flooded with beans from an unprecedented harvest in Brazil and increased global demand. So, perhaps in that glut, Starbucks found it economical to imbue their "straightforward blends" with more good quality beans. It may be my own fault for leaping to conclusions, but I have not personally seen Starbucks officially state that their coffee is 100% Arabican. A quick Google search brings up a number of forum posts and blog comments that state Starbucks only buys the best Arabica coffee beans. But I couldn't find anything on their corporate website or product packaging to this effect. A search for "arabica" at the Starbucks online store produces zero results! Can anyone forward me to an unambiguous statement from Starbucks that shows a majority of their blends are in fact 100% Arabica? Maybe they just don't want to flaunt such a fact or maybe their lawyers told them that they'd get sued if they lied.

Anonymous comments on internet don't really cut the mustard as proof. And despite the fact that Starbucks does in fact purchase a lot of Arabica beans from the international market, I'm not convinced about what they do with it after they bring it home.

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

Also germane to this discussion is the fact that Starbucks is closing down all storefronts today to teach barristas how to brew coffee.

inna ~ 14 years ago

well ooohhh interesting.., and yea.., and wow., they're closing some starbucks franchise just to teach them how to brew coffee., the nerve of them. It's like telling them that they suck. Well starbucks here are great. They make good coffee.. It taste good to me and I dont want them to change their Recipes on coffee or any other item there.

JML ~ 15 years ago

Speaking from an outsiders point of view (an Aussie who's been to the States a couple of time), it's nearly impossible to get a decent cup of coffee in America. The regular coffee there is like half flat white, half water... nasty stuff. At least Starbucks lets you dress it up a bit

An interesting read: http://www.smh.com.au/news/opinion/if-they-cant-make-it-here/2006/12/26/...

jimmy ~ 15 years ago

That is because you are. Actually, you are just a snob--a coffee snob. Which isn't as bad as being a complete and total snob (which may or may not be in the works).

I once had a conversation with a guy who said you can't get a decent cup of coffee in Colorado Springs. He comes to Boulder once a week to get coffee at a place called the brewing market. He said something about how they use a better process (it is brewed hotter or something) and it is far superior to everything else on th planet. Me not being a coffee drinker, I took him at his word. I don't mind Starbucks and I know a ton of people also who don't. But then I don't really like coffee. I always get a mocha which is pretty much a liquid candy bar (especially if you get it with caramel). Maybe that is why, a lot of us don't really care for the beans, just the coffee-like taste.

nobrainer ~ 15 years ago

I really don't like specifically coffee places, like Starbucks, in general. But it's not for the quality of their coffee. I drink coffee, just black coffee, and my tastes are satisfied by what Folgers makes. So I get upset when I have to wait in line for 5 or 10 minutes for a simple cup of black coffee while every other wannabe hipster in front of me has to order their frappa-mocha-halfa-caffa-crappa.

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

I type this while sitting at the Coffee Underground- the coffee shop that gets most of my money- by far. Starbucks isn't that bad. The coffee doesn't taste the best- no doubt about that. But it is better than Maxewell House which is un-drinkable. It also is strong which is the important thing. The fact that they charge people like Jimmy 5 dollars for some fru-fru drink- more power to them. In fact, places like the Coffee Underground should thank Starbucks. They made drinking strange coffee cool and that did nothing but help CU's business (I imagine).

Mike Gowan ~ 15 years ago

Downtown finally has the Carpetbagger's seal of a approval. In the seventies, we actually had rock clubs on Main Street, empty churches as rehearsal spaces, and people drinking coffee to wake up after having a good time. Wish I was there to see it.

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

Mike, and we had Einstein in the 40's.

Nobrainer, I agree with you about the "frappa-mocha-halfa-caffa-crappa." People like trying to be unique though, and complicated lingo is one way to do that. Personally, I prefer my coffee with a splash of milk and sans-jargon.

Jimmy, when you move to NYC, you're going to dislike Starbucks too. Or, I don't know, maybe you'll love it. Keep me posted and perhaps answer my original question when you're addicted to the frappa-lappa-ding-dongs.

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago

The over jargonized nature of all places drives me crazy. When I go to Starbucks I order a large coffee. Not whatever their word for large is. At Moe's I'm still required to order a Joey Bag of Donuts but I would prefer to order just a burrito. I think they would ask me leave right away if I did that though. Everything these days is just too damn cute by half. In my day...

tom sherman ~ 15 years ago

Yes, Starbucks coffee sucks. Yes, it is convenient. Yes, it has a lot of caffeine.

I drink it because the place is right across the street. I much prefer the coffee I brew at home.

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