Why the name OrangeCoat

Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

People often ask, "why the name OrangeCoat?" My usual response is Evan and I first worked together painting dorm rooms at Clemson. The coat was a coat of paint and the orange was, well, for Clemson. Jimmy C. has found another possible reason for the name.


ihatetrucks ~ 15 years ago

Evan, if you could verify this, If i am not mistaken, doesn't OrangeCoat come from the hitler channel's documentary about building the Goldengate bridge and the subsequent phone calls (probably 25 in all) to jason jason in regards to how the bridge was painted?

ihatetrucks ~ 15 years ago

I hope that does spoil it for anyone who was holding onto the dream that Orangecoat meant something more meaningful and poetic.

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