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Project view of Athlete Focus

Graham Fizer, founder of AthleteFocus, was a part time water skier with a full-time day job. He had a dream of creating a business around the community of action sports athletes he knew and loved. From this dream, was born. AthleteFocus is the premier social networking site for action sports athletes. We've been working with AthleteFocus for about three years now. We've done everything from help with the overall business concept, to logo design, to designing and developing two different versions of the site.

After the launch of version 2 of the website's numbers sky rocketed.

  • Overall user numbers grew from under 1,000 to over 8,000
  • The site was named one of the “Top 10 Action Sports Sites to Know” by Ypulse (Ypulse is a website focused on teen and tween marketing)
  • User participation jumped greatly including the uploading of almost 3000 photos

It's been very exciting to be part of this project and help grow a simple idea into a powerful business.

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