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Project view of Confluence Watersports

Where to start? How about this, the largest kayak manufacturer in the world is located in Easley, South Carolina. Who knew? Not us, that's for sure. Well, that is until Confluence gave us a call one day and asked us to redo six websites for them.

So, you get to be the size of Confluence by acquiring several smaller companies. Because of this process, Confluence's web marketing presence became very disjointed. It was a Frankenstein monster. A combination of a half dozen different internal marketing departments and ad agencies work.

Job number one for us was unifying all the sites from the technology side. This meant getting all the sites running under a single content management system, normalizing the product databases, and upgrading the warranty submission system.

With this strong foundation in place in became our job to upgrade the design and look of

  • Dagger
  • Perception
  • Wilderness Systems
  • Wavesport
  • Mad River Canoes
  • Harmony Gear

Goal one for the creative was to make a seamless transition between the print marketing material for each brand and the websites designs. To do this,
we pulled heavily from the existing marketing and brand material created by the great creative staff at Confluence.

The final products really are something to brag about. We unified unified and streamlined the data and programming portions of Confluence and knocked out six designed that are spot on with the style and tone of the each brand. Not a bad couple of months work.

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