Project view of Gnoso

Gnoso is a perfect example of how we can work with an entrepreneur. Peter Waldschmidt came to us with an idea for his company and a desire to turn Ncover (a free side product of his) into a business.

Peter didn't need our help with business strategy or programming. He's on the ball when it comes to those things. He wanted to tap into the OrangeCoat creative.

Using Euclid as the muse for entire project we created the name, brand, and website for Gnoso and refreshed the logo and completely redesigned the website for the NCover site as well.

Since we first started working with Gnoso the team has grown into one of the premiere idea shops in Greenville. NCover is going strong as a business and the team is thinking up and creating several other new, web based products.

We are extremely proud to be part of the birth of this great company.

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