Scrapbook Blogger

Project view of Scrapbook Blogger

Ashley Cuttino is a mother of two, successful attorney, wife, and mommy blogger with a burning desire to do something big. Her big idea, the thing that kept her up at night dreaming was the concept of turning a blog into a printed scrapbook. She thought it would be the perfect keepsake and gift.

She brought her idea to us and we helped her create a complete online company. We started by creating the brand for Scrapbook Blogger. From there we developed an online application that pulls in all the content and pictures of a persons blog into a book creator. This application allows users to rearrange, edit and delete particular post as well as go page by page of the scrapbook and edit text, add and manage pictures, change page layouts, and select specially designed backgrounds (We designed the backgrounds too!)

This was a massive project and one we can't stop bragging about. It flexed every muscle we had and some we didn't.

If you have any questions about it, give us a call. We'll talk your ear off.

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