Swamp Fox

Project view of Swamp Fox

The social networking, event registration, calendar of events, business news, email campaign website you currently see and use is culmination of four years of continued work and website iterations.

After having lunch with John Warner one afernoon he asked us to redo and upgrade the original Swamp Fox website. This included moving backlog of 5,500 press releases and 6,500 contacts off a legacy database into a modern Content Management System and MySQL database.

From there, we redid the InnoVenture conference website. Upgrading the design and adding a small social networking element for people attending the conference.

The final step was taking the good parts of both the Swamp Fox and InnnoVenture and combining them into a single site. The final product was a social networking website for the business community.

What Swamp Fox taught us more than anything is great, big projects are often born from several smaller great projects.

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