Vantage World Travel

Project view of Vantage World Travel

Talk about a project that exercises both sides of the ol' brain. Vantage World Travel is thy name.

Designing a website with the goal of providing the viewer the feel of a long, adventurous vacation is a wonderful workout for the right side of the brain. We had a great deal of fun working on everything from the navigation style (meant to replicate an old ticket stub) to looking through 1,000s of great travel pictures to find just the right ones. World travel really gets the creative juices flowing.

For the left side of the brain, we needed to organize and develop a system (an extensively customized Wordpress install in this particular case) to handle over 10,000 content pages and countless custom develop web applications to help aide in day to day workings of this busy travel agency.

The Vantage Travel project ended up giving our entire brains (and fingers) a full workout for sure, but we believe we are all in better shape afterwards.

Life is but a journey, to travel is to live twice

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