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Posted May 22, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

Evan and I are on the same list as American Idol Chris Sligh. My life is complete.


Bobby ~ May 22, 2007

Not bad guys. Not only are you on the same list, but you are higher than him. Looking at some of the others, you seem to be in pretty good company.

Jim ~ May 22, 2007

That's some good company indeed. Way to go guys.

C-Town ~ May 23, 2007

Good job guys. I hope in 10 years they do a "Where Are They Now?" follow-up article. What would that article say about you guys?
Do you happen to know if any of the females on the list are single and attractive?

Adam Gautsch ~ May 24, 2007

Thanks all for the kind words.

@Bobby: I'm not sure that the list is in any particular order.

@C-Town: Single, not sure but you can check out some pics.

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