Yeti Seen Adopting Kids for the Holidays

Posted 10 years ago by Jim Ciallella

Tis the season for gift giving and guilt trips.

A few weeks back, our friends over at Hands on Greenville asked me, Jimmy C, about adopting a kid for Christmas. Their solicitation couldn’t have come at a worse time. Wedding gifts, wedding related expenses, and baby presents for YTD 2007 probably add up to more than I’ve spent on people in the previous 26 years.

After weeks of sitting on the adoption form I managed a self-inflicted guilt trip. I thought, how can I spend so much on family and friends and not participating in Hands on the Holidays?

So, I checked with the guys and it has been agreed OrangeCoat will match outside contributions to adopt up to two kids for Christmas. Now, we’re calling out to our Yeti readership and friends in the Greenville area to help out a good cause.

If you want to chip in like $10 bucks then please send us an email, call, stop by the OC World HQ, or find one of us out and about before December 9th. Or, if you haven’t seen the new office then stop by and see us. Just consider that we have a $10 cover charge for guided tours. We may even have some small gatherings at the office next week.

Also, if you don’t know Hands on Greenville, check them out. It’s an easy, no obligation way to find volunteer opportunities around Greenville County. I’ve found it’s a great way to meet new people in the community and it just makes ya feel good inside.

As they say, “It’s all about the kids.”

Uruk Hai & Kid


olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

I wonder if I can expense this somehow.

Can I pay you guys in bacon bits?

Susan ~ 10 years ago

What a splendid idea - the check's in the mail!

Jim Ciallella ~ 10 years ago

Hooray Susan.

@ Olivier : If you can't expense it then Hands on Greenville is more than happy to send tax receipts . See you tonight for BEERfest.

Jim F. ~ 10 years ago

Who should the checks be made out to? Let me know and we'll get one in the mail.

Jim Ciallella ~ 10 years ago

We'll be doing the shopping as well so you can make the check out to OrangeCoat and we'll write the final check when the gifts are purchased.

Thanks for the support.


DONNA ~ 10 years ago


jill ~ 9 years ago

i am a single mother of 2 girls 4 and 14 i am laid off i get 88 dollars a week in unemployment so i really need help with my kids if anyone knows of anybody that can help please let me know email me at thank you

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