Yeti Seen Riding a 20 inch Mongoose

Posted 10 years ago by Jim Ciallella

We'd like to thank all our readers and friends for chipping in cash to help out our boy Patrick, age 8. Here's a recap.

OrangeCoat gave the Yeti your donations and ours and set him free wandering the aisles of Wally World in Taylors. We're not sure if it was the Mongoose in our cart or the little boys underwear, but we were getting weird looks the entire trip.

Anyway, it should be a good Christmas when our boy wakes up to find a slick looking Mongoose "Hoop D" freestyle bike and a bunch of other gifts under the tree. Just to be sure he gets the full experience we bought socks and underwear.

Hands on the Holidays Christmas Gifts

“At the end of the day” we think Hands on the Holidays offered an opportunity for us to “Think outside the box” and deliver a “Win-win” “Solution” extending beyond our “Core competency”. This demonstrates the “Synergy” that can be achieved between the public and private sector when you “Take it offline” and “Redeploy people” for a good cause. Alright, I'll stop with the buzzwords. Sorry, it was a topic at today's Bag Lunch Thursday.

Thanks again. Next year we'll try not to wait until the last minute and see if we can gather enough support for even more kids.

Our best for a happy, healthy holiday season and a great 2008.


Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

"Kudos" to all the "key players" involved. When we first "put our feelers out" we weren't sure if it would "resonate" and "gain traction." But "when the rubber hit the road" Yeti readers "leveraged" their "human capital." The effort met minimal "pushback" and "going forward" "phase 2" should build a "critical mass" of "buy in."

olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Leveraging multimedia tools to maximize offsite socket reach is a great way for an org to true-up its in-the-cloud peripheral resources and polarize them into a mutually aligned solutions accelerator. At the end of the day, you can't ask for more than that.

PS: We need to federate soon. I'll sync my Outlook's priority action items inventory in Q1 to align this to goals.

pniel ~ 10 years ago

Due to an unforeseen amount of "connectile dysfunction" in the immediate area of my home - directly attributable to the "Hummer house" across the street "cutting my cord", I was wholly unaware of your "win-win solution" - I would have gladly and promptly "assimilated". Perhaps next year, we may be on the "same page" with your "platform" and create an even more plentiful "solution" within the holiday "paradigm".

ps. seriously, I need to check your blog more often.

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

the mongoose is nice i have one but its army camo colored

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