You Don’t Need an App for the Web

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

RIM's CEO Jim Balsillie spoke the truth at the Web 2.0 Summit.

The main point of contention is the notion that Apple’s iOS platform and SDK are causing what Battelle referred to as the “appification of the web.” RIM, however, takes the stance that, “you don’t need an app for the web,” Balsillie said.

Balsillie’s argument was that RIM believes “you can bring the mobile to the web … but you dont need to go through the control point of the SDK.”

Amen. Why do we think we need to develop software for our phones and tablet devices but not our desktop and laptop devices. In five years the mobile web will be your app store.


Barry Jones ~ 7 years ago

The irony about this is the general rage that ensued when Apple provided specs for highly app-like websites rather than actual installed Apps.

In general, the vast majority of software doesn't need "an app for that". Especially informational apps. Other systems though, that need to take advantage of hardware features like on-board GPS can certainly benefit though.

Part of it's just information security. You can give an installed app access to other parts of your device, but you can't do that nearly as easily on the web without opening up a security hole for everyone.

Lastly though, it's simply NEW. The 2000 internet bubble was all about people trying to find the best ways to take advantage of this new market. With the iPhone completely redefining what a mobile phone was and the capabilities of such a portable device, it was as if desktop computers had just become brand new. The market was wide open for the taking so EVERYBODY was diving in head first to make a profit. Tablets are the same thing on a slightly smaller scale. New markets that people are attempting to tap as fast as possible.

It's the same thing that drove a brief rush of Facebook app development too.

I'm sure when the iContactLens is release, we'll be all about ocular software too.

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