You Say Tomato

Posted August 19, 2009 by Adam Gautsch

Tomato Tasting

Why Are We Doing This?

At OrangeCoat the bane of our business life is the line “I don't know what like but I'll know when I see it." In an attempt to remove this phrase from the arsenal of regular business cliches, we are putting together a series of food and drink tastings. We want to help everyone better and more definitively describe their individual tastes in business and design by having them learn tried and true tasting techniques.

You Say Tomato

We started this experiment with a very well received coffee cupping. Here are some photos & a blog post from the cupping. The tomato tasting grew from the suggestion of one of the coffee cupping attendees, Nicole Johnson.

In our mind, there are few better South Carolina summer tasting possibilities. The thought of learning more about the complex flavors found in locally grown heirloom tomatoes is, well, mouth-watering. And so, the tasting event is set and we'd like to personally invite you to attend.

On August 25th at 4pm at the Lazy Goat in downtown Greenville OrangeCoat is putting on one of, if not the first, tomato tasting in South Carolina. Helping with the event is Chef Rodney Freidank the Corporate Chef of the Table 301 Restaurants and Jeff Isbell of Iszy’s Heirlooms.

This event is going to be a blast. The agenda includes the tasting of four different locally grown heirloom tomatoes with the goal of learning about the key aromas, flavors, and textures that comprise the different tomato types. We hope that's enough to entice you to come but, if that's not enough, each tasting participant will receive a $25 gift card to any Table 301 restaurant and a gift card for 2 pounds of locally grown heirloom tomatoes.

The Rundown

  • What: A Tomato Tasting
  • When: August 25th at 4pm
  • Where: The Lazy Goat, 170 River Place Greenville, SC 29601 (Map)
  • Cost: Free

We have a limited number of seats for this event still available.


Sean Gaffney ~ August 25, 2009

So jealous I missed out on this. I miss you guys.

Patrick ~ August 26, 2009

I wrote a short blog post on the experience today.

Josh Jones ~ August 29, 2009

mmm looks awesome! nothing like that south carolina sun!

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