Posted 16 years ago by Evan Tishuk

You want to talk about cult followings? YTMND is short for "You're the man now, dog" as uttered by Sean Connery from the movie Finding Forrester (see: ytmnd's wikipedia entry) and has somehow made its way into my daily nightly routine.

The site has a fark-dot-com-esque ability to spawn clichés (or memes) and, in fact, there is a lot of overlap in their respective cliché families (
Domo Kun, Brian Peppers, and O RLY, to name a few). There are also some totally unique to YTMND, such as Conan, Tiger Handheld, Medieval Tapestry, and the Roxbury Brothers.

Sure, being fluent in an obscure internet culture is probably not a desirable trait amongst normal people, but the evolution of these internet memes is fascinating to observe. You can't help but get a little caught up.

YTMND Sean Connery Mosaic

Originally, the purpose of this post was not to describe the YTMND phenomenon, but to showcase the recent creation of a mosaic of the first 100,000 YTMND's ever made. I figured a little history might make that more meaningful because the mosaic itself actually serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever... other than to show what one cult follower can be inspired to create. (make sure you use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out).


Brandon ~ 16 years ago

I really think that this is what the internet was made for. When the WWW first come out, people were trying to do things the same way they had always been done----stores were opened, written information was published, etc. But now the internet has content that is completely unique and cannot be translated into other mediums at all.

Websites are just storefronts, Blogs are just journals or magazines, but YTMNDs are completely untranslatable to anything in the outside world.

tom sherman ~ 16 years ago

This comment is here for no other reason than to say I LOVE YTMND, PERIOD.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Well said Brandon. YTMNDs are exactly the unique kind of bricolage that the internet allows for. I don't know if it's that uniqueness, the random organicalness of everything on the site or the creativity of the contributions that make YTMND so great. Either way, I agree with Tom sherman.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

this YTMND illustrates the concept of YTMND pretty well... and it has MacGyver too.

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