Zachary Taylor

Posted 6 years ago by Evan Tishuk

Zachary Taylor was easily one of the most disheveled-looking American presidents. Just look at one of his more famous mug shots. It's day three of one of his epic whiskey benders somewhere on the frontier, which might be close to the truth because he died only 16 months into his term. His official cause of death is "bilious diarrhea," so perhaps we should cut him some slack.

Some interesting side-notes:

  • Taylor was a member of the Whig party, which was somewhat radical for its time. The Whigs only had two presidents elected to office and both died shortly after being inaugurated. Conspiracy or coincidence?
  • As his Whig membership suggests, Taylor was pretty progressive for his time. He was the last president to hold slaves and, though he was a Southerner, he took unpopular stances in favor of abolition.
  • When they make the Zachary Taylor movie, I like to think Tommy Lee Jones will star in it.

Piece six in OrangeCoat's month long celebration of the bald and bearded presidents of the United States.


Lord ~ 6 years ago

Fact: Jimmy Carter keeps Zach Taylor's spirit in an old trunk under his bed. On occassions Mr. Carter will open the trunk for a bit of advice on 19th century peanut growing practices or just some heated debate on the best aspects of whale-kind (Carter believes these aspects are in regards to the whales sublime beauty, Taylor says it is obviously the sea beasts' cunning intellect and amazing poker faces).

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