We have discerning tastes when it comes to web design, coding, business ideas and barbecue. We understand this and count it as one of our top assets. Holding strong philosophies on what constitutes great work, we seek people who share our passion and vision.

Our Philosophy

We started OrangeCoat in 2004 with the simple goal of doing quality work with quality people -- every time. We don't do much outside advertising and we rarely make unsolicited sales calls. We let our work speak.

This philosophy has killed our profit margins a time or two and has kept us awake for more hours than we would like, but we are proud of the results.

Getting In Touch

Socializing: We're online and not hard to find if you click on our faces below.

Smoke signal: We keep a spotter on the look-out for this ancient method of communication.

Lovingly crafted by orangecoat with some rights reserved, and a promise not to spam you.

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