Our Philosophy

We started OrangeCoat in 2003 with the simple goal of doing quality work with quality people -- every time. We didn't do much outside advertising and we rarely made unsolicited sales calls. We let our work speak.

This philosophy killed our profit margins a time or two and kept us awake for more hours than we would like, but we are proud of the results.

This domain remains active as an archive for reminiscing, laughs, and reference. The blog content which remains also shows a bit of the fun and practical use of weblogs from a time, before social media consolidation took over, when RSS readers ruled.

Getting In Touch

Socializing: We're online and not hard to find if you click on our faces above.

Smoke signal: We keep a spotter on the look-out for this ancient method of communication.

Why the Name?

Here's where we got the name OrangeCoat.

Evan likes the color orange. Adam wears coats. It was perfect.

Also, BlueUnderwear.com was taken and Bear doesn't wear underwear, so it didn't work on levels.

Lovingly crafted by orangecoat with some rights reserved, and a promise not to spam you.

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