Privacy Policy

In the past, this domain allowed visitors to submit a few web forms. The site is now static, it has no forms, and it's purpose is as an archive for laughs and reference. So, much of the privacy notes below no longer apply, since visitors can't submit any personal information.

  1. We no longer have a general contact form or email address. If you decide to directly contact anybody who is / was named on the site, then you'll need to let them know of you privacy concerns at that time.
  2. When OrangeCoat was operating as a business, we did store most names and email addresses which were submitted through our contact form, general contact email address, or (in some cases) if you submitted a comment on a blog post. This information was stored for internal use and if it still exists in digital form, then it's most likely in a "cold" archive and there's no expectation of using OrangeCoat's old contact list for bulk communications. We promised not to spam you, or give your contact information to a third party for marketing purposes, and that expectation remains the same even since the business has stopped operating.
  3. We used to allow comments on the blog. If you submitted a comment on a blog post, then you agreed at that time to have your comment (including name and optional website) published for all to see. If you want a comment removed, then contact Jim Ciallella.
  4. It used to be that the case that if someone submitted a reply to a blog post comment, then you may have received an automated email notification. The comment system is no longer active and there's no expectation / way that you'll be contacted because of old comments.
  5. We used to have a search feature on the site and we'd occasionally view them in aggregate and laugh at the most ridiculous ones. There is no longer an internal site search feature, so this is no longer a privacy conern.
  6. This site has used, and continues to use, Google Analytics to provide anonymous visitor statistics, as is common practice on the web. If there are questions or concerns about Google Analytics, then consult Google for assistance.

Lovingly crafted by orangecoat with some rights reserved, and a promise not to spam you.

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