Privacy Policy

There are only a few ways you might submit something to this site:

  1. If you decide to send us anything through our contact form, it is delivered to Adam Gautsch and also our Highrise contact manager. We record the information you send us and may use it against you send you an email update periodically. We promise not to spam you or give your contact information to a third party.
  2. If you submit a comment on our blog, it will likely be published for all to see. If someone else submits a reply to your comment, you will receive an automated email notification. We may, at some point, email you to announce something special. But, honestly, it's a bit of a pain to gather up all the unique names and email addresses from our comment system. Generally, we collect this data once a year -- if ever.
  3. If you submit a search query, we do record the search keyword(s) and laugh at the most ridiculous ones.

For reservations, call office(800) 890-1702. Send fan mail to our work location at 101 N Main Street, Third Floor, Greenville, SC 29601 USA 34.850823 -82.398746
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